Abre forms app allows you to create online forms. Forms collect data that can then be displayed or downloaded into a CSV file.

Forms For Data Collection and Student Plan Creation

Forms support two primary functions. Creating forms for data collection as well as the platform for building student and staff plans.


  1. Drag and Drop Menu Item Building: Our easy to use drag and drop means you can build complex templates in minutes.
  2. Flexible Fields: A wide variety of question types and functionality ensure you can collect the information you need.
  3. In Form Preview: See what your respondents will see right within the form builder.

Form Workflow Process

  1. Create a form.
  2. Preview the Form (to see what it looks like).
  3. Send the URL to people to complete the form. (URLs can be included in other Abre Apps).
  4. View Summary of form data.
  5. View Responses of the form you shared.
  6. Download the data if desired (csv file).