Abre Hub


The Hub acts as the Abre homepage. From there Abre users can view important information, dive into Abre apps or frictionlessly log into third-party resources.


  1. Share News Where Your Users Are Already Looking: Once you set Abre to be your device homepage, announcements allow you to share updates, logistics and other important information with staff students and parents.
  2. Accessible Information: Reorder and customize Abre's widgets to view Abre or G Suite/Microsoft 365 information at a glance. A single click sends you into an Abre app. 

  3. Shortcuts to Your Third Party Website: Upload custom shortcuts so your users can jump from Abre to the rest of the tools your staff uses.

  4. Unavoidable Information: Headlines are "Action-Required" pop-ups that are shown to users once they log in. Users have to review the information and confirm they have read it before continuing into Abre.