Create a Headline


Required Abre Permissions

To Create a Headline you need to have Abre "System Admin Permissions" or "Communications Administrator" enabled

Creating a New Headline

  • From your Abre homepage select the edit communication button.


  • Navigate to the Headline tab

  • Select the addition button in the bottom right-hand corner to create a new headline.

  • Once created, give your headline a Title. The Body field is where you will type the content of your headline.

  • Select a Start Date and End Date (optional)

  • Select your audience (Staff/Student/Parents/Partners)


  • You can narrow your Headlines by Student, Staff, and Parents, then again by building

  • Select Save and your headline will be created

Options to Consider

Action Required

  • Selecting this checkbox creates an additional dialogue in which users need to confirm they have read or completed the action within the headline