Create an Announcement


Required Abre Permissions

To create an Announcement you need to have Abre "System Admin Permissions", "Communications Administrator"  or "Communications Administrator (Building)" enabled. If you need permissions enabled contact your Abre System Admin. 

Channel Required

You will need to create a Channel before posting an announcement. Channels can be created by Abre System Admin or Channel and Headline Administrators. For guidance on how to create a Channel head here

Creating an Announcement

You can create new announcements as well as view and edit previous ones from the Announcement Editor.

  • From the Abre home screen, select the Pencil Icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  • By default, the communication page will open to the Announcement tab.

  • Click the Addition Symbol to create a new announcement

  • Announcements can include a variety of elements including movies, tables, images, and even external links via a URL.

  • You can also choose a variety of stakeholders to deliver the announcement to (Staff/Students/Parents/Partners)

  • When you are finished drafting your announcement, select "Post" in the bottom right-hand corner or you can Schedule your announcement by Date and Time.