Abre's Learn app gives districts a tool to deliver self-paced learning experiences across their learning community. Within Abre's suite of apps Learn functions as a streamlined Learning Management System.

Self Paced Professional Learning

Learn provides a clean, straightforward platform to support a variety of learning opportunities across your district. From safety compliance courses to techniques to increase student engagement- Learn has you covered. 


  1. Progress Front and Center: Users see their current courses as well as their previously completed courses.
  2. Recent Courses: A user's recent courses auto-populate so they can quickly jump back into a learning experience.

  3. Your Content, Your Way: Embed videos, images, and links alongside rich text editing features. More advanced users can edit source code directly.
  4. Stay Motivated: WIthin any course see the topics ahead as well as those you have already completed.

See Learning As it Occurs

Not only does Learn provide a means for delivering content, but you can also track which users have completed what leaving you informed around compliance and staff's personal growth.


  1. Enrolled Users: See the users enrolled in the courses you created.
  2. Couse wide Progress at a Glance: Course progress is visually displayed for quick accountability.
  3. Downloadable Course Outcomes: Per course export user progress with a single click.