Abre's Curriculum app allows districts to build and share impactful standard aligned course materials. 

Courses at a Teacher's Fingertips

Teachers see only their courses in Abre. No more searching for your materials among dozens of similar courses


  1. My Courses: Teachers see only courses they selected but can add a course to their view with just a few clicks
  2. Beyond Student Learning: Course can also include professional development materials to support continued practitioner learning

Feature Rich Curriculum Maps 

Abre's Curriculum builder allows districts to create a wide variety of course materials 


  1. Standard Aligned: All topics within a course can be directly mapped to a state or national standard bank
  2. Stay on Track: Curriculum lets instructors know where they should be throughout the school year

  3. Add What You Have: Curriculum does not require you to recreate materials you already have. Include links and Google Drive files directly within a topic
  4. Use Your District Language: Abre supports the use of custom labels within a course so you don't have to educate your staff with new lingo