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Abre's Redesigned Assessments

Coming soon to Abre's Learning Management Solution, a complete redesign of Assessments. With it comes the ability for users to create their own technology-enhanced questions.

Abre Free Hub

Abre's Free Hub gives districts or schools an innovative tool for communicating with all their stakeholders - staff, students, parents, and partners.

School Management 

Simplify daily tasks. School Management simplifies the management of student behavior, plan student growth, allows you to easily find student information, and more.

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Student Plans, and Forms

Learning Management 

Abre's Learning Management solution (LMS) provides an integrated and streamlined solution for managing curriculum, assessments, and instruction in order to monitor and assess your student’s learning.

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Class, and Focus

Professional Learning

Empower your team with Abre's Professional Learning solution. Develop plans, deliver content, and track Professional Development progress with ease and flexibility. 

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Community Engagement

Manage learning partners and programs in a single place.  See which students are engaging in programs and securely exchange data with partners.

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Additional Support

Abre Admin

Additional support resources for district Abre Administrators.

Product Updates

Stay up to date with product releases, and community site.


Dive into Abre's growing third-party integration offerings.